RR Bowker's Medical & Health Care Books & Serials In Print
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Medical & Health Care Books & Serials In PrintTM
2018 Edition

Pub. Date: April 2018
Hardcover: Two Volumes / 6,300 pages
ISBN: 978-1-68217-861-4
Price: $860.00

Medical & Health Care Books & Serials in Print, now in its 43rd edition, is the go-to source for bibliographic information on the thousands of highly specialized health science and allied health titles published or distributed in the United States. This two-volume, 6,300-page edition offers users immediate access to over 117,000 ISBNs comprising over 109,000 entries from over 11,700 publishers.

This new edition is a vital resource for those interested in publications in all areas of health and biomedical sciences, as well as public, academic, and community libraries. Medical & Health Care Books & Serials in Print covers a wide range of books and serials related to the major health science disciplines, including: medicine, dentistry, human health, nursing, nutrition, veterinary medicine, psychiatry, psychology, behavioral sciences, and other associated health sciences. With so many titles, publishers, wholesalers, and distributors all in one consolidated source, finding the key information patrons need has never been easier.

Just as in previous years, 2018’s Medical & Health Care Books & Serials in Print is separated into two large volumes—the first for a categorization by Book Subject and Book Title (A – M), and the second for categorization by Book Title (N – Z), Book Author, Publisher Name, Wholesaler/Distributor Name, Serial Subject, and Serial Title. All indexes are presented alphabetically, then numerically, ensuring effortless research for the user.

Volume I begins with a special “How to Use” guide, which includes enlarged sample entries for the Book Title, Publisher Name, Wholesaler & Distributor, and Serial Title indexes. Next come lists of General Abbreviations, Country Codes, Country Sequence, Currency Codes, Language Codes, Document Suppliers, Micropublishers & Distributors, Reprint Services, Wire Services, and Abstracting & Indexing Services, making sure users can quickly and efficiently navigate this guide.

Following these introductory materials in Volume I is the Book Subject Index. Each entry in this index is classified by subject according to the card catalog in the Library of Congress, and listed in the appropriate section or sections either by title name. Listings in the Book Subject Index include definitive bibliographic information about each book, including: title, contributor, Library of Congress Control Number, edition number, publication year, number of pages, binding type, price, ISBN, publisher, distributor, and more. Following this is the Book Title Index (A – M), which contains entries with the same bibliographic information as the Book Subject Index, only arranged alphabetically by title name.

The remainder of the Book Title Index (N – Z) starts off Volume II. The Book Author Index follows, with each entry containing the title, subtitle, volume number, and publisher name, followed by a cross-reference number to the full bibliographic entry in the Book Title Index. The Publisher Name Index comes next, with complete bibliographic information for each company, including: company name, ISBN prefix(es), business affiliation, ordering and/or editorial address(es), Standard Address Number(s), imprint(s), and contact information. Following this is the Wholesaler & Distributor Name Index, with information about each entry’s: company name, business affiliation, ISBN prefix(es), Standard Address Number(s), and contact information.

The Serial Subject Index comes next, with bibliographic and buying information for selected current serials published periodically or irregularly, followed by the Serial Title Index, with information about each entry’s: title, ISSN, country code, and name of issuing body, as well as cross references to the Serial Subject Index.

For over forty years, R.R. Bowker’s Medical & Health Care Books & Serials in Print has served as a top-shelf resource for libraries and medical reference collections around the country, compiling need-to-know data on the in-print titles of health science book publishers, as well as other related materials. With over 100,000 titles on file, this updated resource is a must for anybody in need of medical and health care reference materials.

Pub. Date: April 2018
Hardcover: Two Volumes / 6,300 pages
ISBN: 6151642054694
Price: $860.00

Note: If you find this work does not fit your budget, please print out this page and bring it to your local library. There is a reasonable chance they either have a copy, can direct you to a library that does, or will be willing to purchase it for their reference collection.

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